The Onco-Gynaecology Department has second level of competence. There are 24 beds in its 6 hospital rooms. Each room has an en-suite bathroom. Over 1,000 patients are treated in this department per year. 67 of them have cervical cancer, 52 – cancer of the uterus body, 40- ovarian cancer, 10 – vulvar cancer, and 523 patients have a precancerous condition. The rest are patients for conservative therapy and diagnostic examination.

The department is supplied with all necessary equipment to perform its diagnostic, therapeutic and operative activities.

This department performs:

  • Surgical interventions through the abdomen in cases of malignant diseases of the female genital system – all localisations
  • Surgical interventions through the abdomen in cases of benign tumours of the female reproductive system
  • Operations with lower access in cases of benign or malignant diseases of the lower genital tract in women
  • Standard and wire loop conisations of the cervix


The range of diagnostic activities includes:

  • Diagnostic curettage
  • Colposcopy with a biopsy
  • Cytological and histological specifications
  • Analysis of tumour markers
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Cystoscopy, rectoscopy, irigography, fibrocolonoscopy and other specifying or staging procedures


Manipulations and gynaecological operations:

  • Radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection
  • Total hysterectomy with the annexes
  • Operations protecting the organs of the female genital system
  • Radical vulvectomy with inguinal femoral lymph node dissection
  • Simple vulvectomy and hemivulvectomy
  • Conisation of the cervix
  • Separated curettage

Chief of Department: Dr. I. Nogarova

Contacts:+359 62 2699 274

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