The CANCER REGISTER collects, stores, analyses and interprets the data on the cases with oncological or precancerous condition. It is an essential part of the National Cancer Register.


1. Active and passive tracing of new cases.

А/ Passive tracing – by means of epicrisis received by The Interregional In-patient Oncology Unit, histological results, quick notes, death certificates.

Б/ Active tracing – by means of personal visits and by letters to Healthcare Facilities, laboratories, GPs, The Civil Registration and Administrative Services, The Regional Health Insurance Fund , The Regional Centre for Healthcare, etc.

2. Opportune registration with the most complete data needed for precise diagnosis, TNM classification, and histological result adequate to the localisation.

3. Registration of the implemented therapy and the period of time between determining the diagnosis and the start of the treatment.

4. Proper storage of the received data and its disclosure to institutions or people defined by the laws and regulations.

5. Liaison with The National Cancer Register and the regional cancer registers.

6. Patients with a new diagnose or in the case of death are taken off register duly.

7. Preparing the required reports in due time.

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