The Healthcare Facility is structured in accordance with The Law for Health Facilities and The State Gazette Issue 59 dated 31 July 2010. By approval of the management and the Medical Council, the book of regulations authorises opening of sectors, units, examination rooms, when necessary, to make the medical activities of the facility more functional.

The Comprehensive Oncological Center (COC) – Veliko Turnovo EOOD has the following structure:

1. Diagnostic and consultative unit which comprises of specialised diagnostic and consultative rooms, laboratories and out-patient units in imaging diagnostics, pathology and nuclear medicine

2. In-patient unit which consists of comprehensive treatment departments – medical oncology, radiology, oncological surgery

3. Cancer disease registration and prevention; cancer register

4. Pharmacy

5. Administrative unit – management, accounting, catering facilities, etc. For some of the activities like washing, sterilisation and food we use external companies

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