The following services are provided:

1. Consultations of patients before their being considered by a Regional Expert Medical Committee

2. Entering data for sick leave in the outgoing register of the Diagnostic and Consultative Unit

3. Preparing documents for approval by The Regional Expert Medical Committee

4. Preparing stage epicrisis

5. Keeping track of patients’ full social insurance

The statistician performs the following activities:

1. Follows the movement of patients electronically.

2. Prepares regular reports to the Regional Centres for Healthcare, the Regional Inspection for Health Protection and Control and the Regional Health Insurance Funds.

3. Processes the papers of the discharged patients.

4. Assists in the consultations prescribed and performed by the doctor in charge.

5. Processes the papers of patients who have been taken off the register.

Contacts: +359 879 829 815

Work hours: 8:00-14:00

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