Chief of Diagnostic and Consultative Unit: Dr. Ioncho Petrov

Diagnostic and Consultative Unit has 3 divisions:

I. Consulting Rooms:

  • Oncological Surgery Room
  • Uro-Oncology Room
  • Onco Therapy Room
  • Radiology Room
  • Onco-Gynaecology Room
  • Immunology Room
  • Echography Room
  • Functional Room
  • Pain Relief and Symptomatic Treatment Room
  • Room for registration of oncological diseases
  • Social Worker Room and Statistics
  • Dermatology Room
  • Small Surgery Room

II. Medical technical and diagnostic laboratories and departments for functional imaging.

  • X-ray Diagnostic Unit
  • Nuclear Diagnostic and Radioimmunology Unit
  • Unit for Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Pathomorphology Unit

III. Regional Cancer Register

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