The Department for Anaesthesia and Intensive Treatment (DAIT) has two sections – aseptic and septic.


The aseptic sector has six hospital sections:

  • Respiratory reanimation
  • Rectum reanimation
  • Stomach reanimation
  • Urology reanimation
  • Gynaecology reanimation


The DAIT works with the following equipment:

  • Respirator for prolonged lung ventilation
  • Patient monitors
  • Perfusors
  • Defibrillator with a pacemaker
  • EKG device Secarex
  • Reanimation beds


This department has a central aspiration system and an oxygen installation. The DAIT also has central air-conditioning which functions for preserving constant temperature conditions in the hospital sections.


All sections allow monitoring the patients from the moment they walk in to their leaving the hospital.

The main function of DAIT is to provide adequate service to the patients who need operative therapy at COC – Veliko Turnovo EOOD. We concentrate our efforts on the treatment process using various types of anaesthesia and provide intensive treatment to patients with impaired basic body functions /breathing, blood circulation/.


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